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About Our Institution

The physicians of Mountain Radiation Oncology (MRO) established the subspecialty of radiation oncology in Asheville in 1971. Our hospital-based practices remain an integral part of the multidisciplinary cancer team within the Mission St. Joseph's Health System and Margaret R. Pardee Memorial Hospital.


Mountain Radiation Oncology is committed to providing Radiation Therapy Services to improve the wellness of the population of Western North Carolina. MRO will accomplish this mission through delivery of quality health care, compassion, and education.

Our intent is to provide the highest quality of care to individuals who require a course of radiation treatments. We at MRO are especially interested in how patients are feeling physically, their sense of progression through treatment and how they are doing after treatments are completed. Patients are asked to complete confidential surveys throughout their care at MRO. The physicians use this information to improve their services and assess patient outcomes.

MRO encourages patients to take an active part in their care. We invite questions regarding tests, treatments, or other aspects of medical care. Family members are welcome to come to our department while patients have their treatments and are encouraged to accompany patients on the days when they see the physician/nurse practitioner.

While we will care for the patient's radiation therapy needs, our radiation oncologists work very closely with the patient's primary care physician. He or she will monitor your general medical needs, while MRO physicians direct the radiation treatments and help take care of any radiation related side effects. Family physicians and referring specialists are kept informed regarding the patient's course of treatment and medical status.




Accreditations& Affiliations

MRO provides a full range of the highest quality radiation services to both inpatients and outpatients throughout Western North Carolina. MRO is fully accredited by the American College of Radiology and the Radiation Department of Memorial Mission Hospital is voluntarily accredited by the American College of Surgeons and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations. Our practice works closely with related medical and surgical specialties to offer curative, adjuvant and palliative treatment for cancer patients. Our intent is to provide the highest quality of medical care while treating patients in a timely, efficient, and caring manner.




Billing Policy

MRO is committed to providing you with the highest quality medical care while at the same time maintaining cost efficiency. The hospital will bill for facility costs, technical charges, and physics services. You will also receive a bill from MRO for our professional services. This is separate from the hospital bill. While your insurance coverage is a contract between you and your insurance company, MRO will assist in billing your insurance company.

We participate in the Medicare program, North Carolina Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and many other managed care programs. If you have no health insurance, please do not let that discourage you from seeking the medical treatment you need. Questions regarding your billing or financial situation should be directed to our business manager or accounts receivable manager at 254-1111. Arrangements can usually be made to adapt to your circumstances. The billing office is separate from the hospital facilities and is located at 90 Asheland Avenue, Asheville 28801.